Management and Wisdom

Tadbir Omran Iranian consultants are consists of experienced managers, designers, engineers and consultants professionally offering management and consulting services. Our way of thinking will make beneficial difference in work.

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Imam Khomeini International Airport City Master Consultancy

3T+NACO Consortium is an Iranian-Dutch joint venture, formed by three Iranian consultant companies: Tadbir Omran Iranian (TOI), Tarh-e-NowAndishan (TNA), Tana Energy Group (TEG) and Netherland Airport Consultants (NACO).

BARAN Commercial Complex

Gol-e-Maryam Complex




Professional work results in high productivity and unique quality. We by putting experience and knowledge together in our professional team, created specialized areas to advance and promote major projects.

Airport and aviation

Result of years of experience in the field of roads and transport, we took advantage of our experts, we're determined to make the development of airport projects. For this purpose we aimed to design, consult and develop Airports around the country and specially working and consulting on Imam Khomeini international airport.

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Civil Sector

Tadbir Omran Iranian (TOI) is an engineering consulting company founded in 2006 by experienced managers and experts. It specialises in carrying out technical and engineering services in designing and constructing macro and national civil projects.

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Railway and metro

In the summer of 2011, coinciding with the winning announcement of a tender entitled "Project management of Electric metro of satellite cities to metropolitan cities" Tadbir Omran Iranian  metro-railway department was formed.

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News about Tadbir Omran Iranian Consultants

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Customers and Employers

Numerous and important projects were done in partnership of private and public organizations will demonstrate our ability to advance and build a better society for the future.
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